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Brea de Tajo


      Situated in the extreme SE of the Region of Madrid there is a small village of less than 500 inhabitants and although it is small it has all the necessary leesure and services to make a stay there an agreeable experience.

      The most important building in the town is the Neoclassic 18th century Church of the Ascension in which you can comtemplate the murals of Ginés de los Aguirre, two paintings on copper by Morales and a painting of San Juanillo atributed to Berruguete. Its important to appreciate the great value of this heritage Brea de Tajo, toledan style, of the Arce School of 17th century formed by three bodies in silver and gold with incrustations of jade and silver.

      If you go out of the village you can follow several routes of beauty in the countryside, the route of “the white gate”, the Sdriana transhumane route and the route of the oak woods.

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Brea de Tajo
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